Increasing amounts of data on people living in different parts of the world are being generated every day. The data provide an enormous amount of information on social profiles of people based on where they live. Tools for knowledge discovery from such geo-referenced* data are needed.

We develop a complete pipeline for knowledge discovery from geo-referenced data. We then present the results of applying the data mining framework to Bristol and England. The results are analyzed in order to determine correlations between data features and to find out whether there are any patterns in the geographic distribution of social characteristics. An exemplary result is shown below.

The main contributions of this project are: 1) list of sources of geo-referenced data for the United Kingdom; 2) an approach to linking geo-referenced data; 2) a complete pipeline for knowledge discovery from linked data; 3) data-driven analysis of geographical factors influencing society.

*describing a geographical location.

Author: Kira Kowalska

Supervisor: Prof. Nello Cristianini